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Assistant Construction Quality Control Manager Job Overview – MN Laboratory Jobs

Assistant Construction Quality Control “QC” Manager is a full-time professional position in the road construction industry. Successful candidates will be team-oriented individuals that show leadership qualities as well as a desire to learn and advance their careers. Position responsibilities include the following:

Asphalt Mix Designs

  • Communicates with the management team to determine asphalt mix design, starting proportions based on contract requirements, production limitations, costs, etc.
  • Supervise mix design testing and submittals to ensure accuracy and timely approval.
  • Coordinate collection of aggregate samples and ensure that the aggregates meet the quality requirements for the design.

Process Controls

  • Partners with the management team with monitoring and troubleshooting production parameters such as volumetrics, gradation, etc.
  • Partners with the management team with monitoring and troubleshooting placement specifications such as density, ride, etc.
  • Assists the management team with risk assessments and decision-making regarding quality control results.


  • Partners with the safety team and management team to develop safety strategies that serve the QC team and ensures safety policies and procedures are followed.
  • Coordinates with QC Manager and construction operations to appropriately schedule QC Technicians and equipment.
  • Monitors quality control and assures that the QC team are reporting results accurately and timely to contracting authorities.
  • Communicates with QC Manager and Division Manager to facilitate recruiting and hiring of QC Technicians.


  • Assistant Quality Control Manager is under the direct supervision of the Quality Control Manager and Division Manager.

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Our Assistant Construction Quality Control Managers and other laboratory professionals complete work throughout Southeast Minnesota and West Central Wisconsin, including Rochester, MN; Austin, MN; Cannon Falls, MN; Red Wing, MN and surrounding communities.

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